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Who in the World is... “ Gaspar Magistar ”?


Long before he was old enough to design architecture or work with holographic media, Gaspar Magistar had a profound desire to transform the way we communicate and experience our world.


For the last couple of decades he has been immersed in the development of super-learning environments.

Formal training in architecture laid the foundation for advancements into technologies ranging from multi-media & virtual realities to geometric spaces & floatation chambers.


Gaspar is a master of integrated media. He loves to share his expertise for filtering out distractions and getting to the core of his client’s needs.




Gaspar’s Gifts


With his core focus on bridging the gap between science + spirituality, Gaspar has made enormous breakthroughs integrating quantum physics with metaphysics.


Expanding from years of constructing and teaching the art of nature’s geometry, Gaspar branched further to converge these timeless technologies with performing arts.

Consistently years ahead of technology curves, Gaspar’s intuition was confirmed through hands-on encounters at countless trade shows & conferences, launches & showcases.


Whether navigating analog + digital libraries or having direct encounters with pioneers from around the world, he always approached each insight and person as holding the master piece to a cosmic jigsaw puzzle.


Reverse-engineering the universal codex proved more daunting than he bargained for.  However, when enough elements of timing and technology converged, a revolutionary “ media matrix ” { m2 } emerged. 





Engaging Entertainment


As a master of ceremonies and producer of enchanting events, Gaspar's achievements in the entertainment industry include opportunities to work with some of the finest leaders in the business.


Gaspar has the good fortune to represent some of the most talented mystical entertainers in Canada. He continues to re-invent the art of performance and staging with tools and techniques that inspire event and meeting planners, entertain guests and deliver long lasting impressions. Gaspar created Celestial Celebrations which transformed the business of entertainment with the “World Famous Strolling Starseed Wishes ”.


Their messages and themes along with the “once-upon-a-time” romantic origins became Gaspar’s love letter to humanity.


With over a thousand elements and infinite combinations, each of the starseeds magically delivers the fruits of their wisdom to the right people at the right time, place and circumstances. The starseed encounters have blossomed into the kind of true stories that legends are made of.




The Media Matrix :

A Harmonic Instrument


Based upon a new model of “dynamic systems integration”, m2 is both stationary and portable, modular and expandable.

The scalability of immersion and interactivity allows each media matrix event to be optimal, whether it is placed within intimate chambers or concert halls.


Adaptable to a variety of indoor and natural locations, the core elements can be performed in all languages.


Along with an extraordinary alliance of artists, m2 is opening new realms in the worlds of entertainment and education that are dramatically shifting the way we experience communication and community.


Unlike anything they have ever experienced before, testimonials from participants confirm that m2 is a refined harmonic instrument for activating higher states of learning.






Gaia’s Ambassador:


Gaspar’s passion for all life on GAIA

{ our dynamic living & breathing planet earth }, makes him a true ambassador for thinking globally and acting locally.

His patience and positioning over the last four decades has delivered countless confirmations that the creative expansion and evolution of our collective human consciousness is now coming of age.


As a result, Gaspar has yielded more fruits from his labours than could ever be documented.  A compassionate humanitarian, Gaspar consistently makes dramatic differences in the lives of those who cross paths with his enthusiastic, loving and joyful heart. 


By enriching both local and global communities, Gaspar’s intent has always been to produce the maximum results forthe most people with a minimum investment of time, money and resources.






Core  Communication  Profile

Gaspar Magistar

Office:   1-647-464-6337

Toronto, Canada

Email :


Talent Website :


President of :

Celestial Celebrations Enchanting Entertainers


Founder of :

Stargate Stages Sacred Geometry Structures


Inventor of :

Media Matrix Immersion + Interaction Theatres


Conductor of :

Holographic Harmonics Sonic Symphonies + Light Languages


Master of : 

Community Concerts + Conscious Ceremonies



Stargate Stages + Sacred Geometry Structures:



Media Matrix Photos :




“Always remember that you are one of a kind.


That there is such a precious need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth and all the lives you are destined to transform.


And always remember, no matter how overwhelming life's challenges seem to be, that you are making a difference to countless lives in the world.


In fact, it is always because of one person that all the legacies that matter in the world come about.


So be that one person. 

Richard Buckminster Fuller 

Gaspar’s Core Teachings :


Let miracles find you, living and being what you love the most!




"We are 5th-dimensional beings navigating 4th-dimensional states {physical, mental, emotional & spiritual} in a 3 dimensional world that dances between life and death on an infinite journey back to the one source of all that ever was, all that is and all that will ever be."


Nature’s Geometry  

The Language of

Light and Space:


Integrating spirit into matter and matter into spirit….


Gaspar shares the sacred mysteries of ancient relationships defining time and space!

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